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Scandinavian Love Fan: Hey, how can i find out about tracks you play on the show in real time, not just whenever you happen to get round to updating your fairly scanty tumblr?
Scandinavian Overlord: Funny you should ask, you can now follow us on twitter and we will tell you things during the show. If we remember. We will be Maggie Lund (@Scandinavilove)
Scandinavian Love Fan: My prayers are answered. By the way, why is your username a bizarre corruption of the name of your show, and also the rules of actual words?
Scandinavian Overlord: 16 characters.
https: //!/Scandinavilove

my money’s on Ane Brun


Nordic Music Prize

 This has been a little while. Scandinavian Love is back on air, and tonight we brought you

Here is the full list of the people nominated for the prize, and you can get more information on the Nordic Music Prize Website, see the link above. The tracks I played tonight from each album are in italics, they’re /my/ choices, but check out the rest of the albums too - after all it’s an album prize, innit.

Ane Brun – It All Starts With One - One
Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes - I Follow Rivers (the lost sessions version)
Rubik – Solar - World Around You
Gus Gus – Arabian Horse - Arabian Horse
Malk De Koijn – Toback To The Fromtime
Siinai – Olympic Games - Olympic Fire
Björk – Biophilia - Sacrifice
Iceage – New Brigade
Montée – Renditions Of You - Souvenir
Anna Järvinen – Anna Själv Tredje - Helsinki*
Goran Kajfes – X/Y - Dinner with Inner
The Field – Looping state of mind - Is This Power?

*this track is from the older album ‘Jag Sick Feeling’, since ‘Anna Själv Tredje’ is not yet out in ze UK.

of this i did not know.

of this i did not know.